pub type QuorumCertificate<TYPES> = SimpleCertificate<TYPES, QuorumData<TYPES>, SuccessThreshold>;
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Type alias for a QuorumCertificate, which is a SimpleCertificate of QuorumVotes

Aliased Type§

struct QuorumCertificate<TYPES> {
    pub data: QuorumData<TYPES>,
    pub vote_commitment: Commitment<QuorumData<TYPES>>,
    pub view_number: <TYPES as NodeType>::Time,
    pub signatures: Option<<<TYPES as NodeType>::SignatureKey as SignatureKey>::QcType>,
    pub _pd: PhantomData<(TYPES, SuccessThreshold)>,


§data: QuorumData<TYPES>

The data this certificate is for. I.e the thing that was voted on to create this Certificate

§vote_commitment: Commitment<QuorumData<TYPES>>

commitment of all the votes this cert should be signed over

§view_number: <TYPES as NodeType>::Time

Which view this QC relates to

§signatures: Option<<<TYPES as NodeType>::SignatureKey as SignatureKey>::QcType>

assembled signature for certificate aggregation

§_pd: PhantomData<(TYPES, SuccessThreshold)>

phantom data for THRESHOLD and TYPES



impl<TYPES: NodeType> QuorumCertificate<TYPES>


pub async fn genesis( validated_state: &TYPES::ValidatedState, instance_state: &TYPES::InstanceState ) -> Self

Creat the Genesis certificate

Trait Implementations§


impl<TYPES: NodeType> Display for QuorumCertificate<TYPES>


fn fmt(&self, f: &mut Formatter<'_>) -> Result

Formats the value using the given formatter. Read more