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Module for publicly usable implementations of the traits


  • CDN-specific metrics
  • A communication channel with 2 networks, where we can fall back to the slower network if the primary fails
  • We encapsulate keys here to help readability.
  • Libp2p-specific metrics
  • Networking implementation that uses libp2p generic over M which is the message type
  • Shared state for in-memory mock networking.
  • In memory only network simulator.
  • The production run definition for the Push CDN. Uses the real protocols and a Redis discovery client.
  • A communication channel to the Push CDN, which is a collection of brokers and a marshal that helps organize them all. Is generic over both the type of key and the network protocol.
  • The testing run definition for the Push CDN. Uses the real protocols, but with an embedded discovery client.
  • Wrapper for the tuple of PushCdnNetwork and Libp2pNetwork We need this so we can impl TestableNetworkingImplementation on the tuple
  • A wrapped SignatureKey. We need to implement the Push CDN’s SignatureScheme trait in order to sign and verify messages to/from the CDN.


  • The enum for the topics we can subscribe to in the Push CDN


Type Aliases§

  • Type alias for a shared collection of peerid, multiaddrs